3 Email Campaigns you should be automating

3 Automated Email Campaigns you should be running

Automating your email campaigns can make your email marketing more effective by driving engagement and increasing revenue with your customers without you having to spend hours constantly creating new campaigns.

Despite automation being around for a while, many marketers still fail to make use of this as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Here are 3 examples of the types of campaigns that can be automated.

Welcome Campaign

Sending an email to your customers after they have made a purchase to say thank you is a great way to feel way to make them feel warm and fuzzy about your brand.

It’s also an opportunity to cross sell and upsell your products to a customer who is actively engaged with your products.

You can reward customers with a discount on an additional purchase. This could be time sensitive, so that you get a second order within a specific time frame.

A welcome campaign can also be a good opportunity to tell customers more about your brand or company and what sets you apart from the competition and why they should choose you in the future.

Cross-sell and upsell Campaign

These types of campaigns are aimed at customers who have purchased from you before. If they are feeling warm and fuzzy about their recent purchase then they are more likely to buy from you again.

These types of campaigns can be used to promote a complementary product or to sell them a higher priced item.

You’ll need to consider the timing of these emails and it may vary on the type of product you sell as to when you send any cross or upsell email.

Data will play an important role in these campaigns and you’ll need to ensure transactional and product data is loaded into your ESP so that you can automate the build of the emails and also the rules that sit behind the program.

Anniversary/Birthday Programs

Birthday campaigns are a great way to build and cement the relationship with your customer base. Simply saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and offering a discount for their special day can be a great way to drive revenue as they are more likely to want to treat themselves to something nice.

As well as the incentive, think about the timing of these campaigns, giving your customer plenty of time to make their purchase.

Obtain your customers date of birth as soon as you can, either at the point of sign up (reminding them that you are asking them so you can send them something special) or by using a preference centre.

Birthday programs can become a series of emails reminding them to use their discount before it’s too late.

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