Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Running a small business, can be tough at the best of times. You’re busy doing what your business does. Finding time to do everything else can be difficult, especially when it  comes to marketing. After all your time is money.

However you know it’s important to constantly market your business in order to increase revenue and retain your current customers.

Digital marketing (also known as online marketing) is a relatively cheap and cost effective way to market your business.

However it does need some investment, most notably your time.

Below are a few ideas that you put into place to help your digital presence.

Set up a Google My Business

Google My Business lets business have an up to date business listing that will appear in search results.

Google My Business allows you to:

  • Edit your business info on Search, Maps & more
  • Share news & updates with customers
  • Respond to reviews
  • Discover how customers find your business

Below is an example for the search term ‘office furniture oxfordshire’

Google My Business Search Result

These links appear after the paid search results and above the main natural search results.

If you don’t have a Google My Business account you can set one up here

Google My Business

You can ask your customers to write a review for your business and this will show up in the search results. This has the added benefit of making your business stand out from the competition.

Update your website

Make sure your website is up to date. Ensure the content is fresh and includes keywords and phrases that reflect what your business is about.

If you are a local business, then make sure you include your location and the areas you cover. And that the copy on your website reflects that. So if you are a plumber in Oxfordshire, make sure your website says so.

Add structured data markup to your business address and any products you sell.

Email marketing

Despite all the buzz around social media and how email marketing is dead, it’s very much alive and well and delivering great ROI.

You need to have your customers and prospects permission to email them, but once you have this, you can send regular email communication to your customers.

There are some free services like Mailchimp or Cakemail that allow you to send to a relatively large number of subscribers for free. As your list grows you can upgrade to paid options that usually allow you to use more features.

For example, you can send automated emails via Mailchimp once you upgrade to a paid option. There are various pricing plans based on the size of your list.

Add a form to important pages of your website and encourage people to join your email newsletter.

Send them regular newsletters (minimum once a month). These can include new products, company news and other useful information.

Email can have the advantage (providing you do it correctly) that your subscriber will actually see your message in their inbox as opposed to a tweet or Facebook post that can get lost in the hundreds of updates in your feed.

Use social media

While email may trump social in the ROI stakes, social media does have its place.

You don’t necessarily need to have an account on every social networks that exists. It really all depends on where you customers are.

For example, if you are primarily a B2B business then you might find the Linkedin works better for you. If you sell a product you might get a better response from Facebook.

Whichever social media outlet you choose make sure you update regularly and interact with other users. You are more likely to get other people to like, share or retweet your content if you do the same for them. Social media for small businesses is all about engagement and building relationships with people.

These a relative simple digital marketing tactics that any small business owner can implement. If you would like to know more about how we can help you click here to contact us

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